Animal Simulator Hack Script (XP Farm) – Infinite XP/ Levels

Developed by neon#0666

Animal Simulator is a roleplaying game in which users can battle or roleplay as a variety of wild animals. Wolves, tigers, lions, cubs, bears, and players’ own avatars are all options.

By fighting other players or training at a training post, players can gain experience. After gaining a set amount of experience, the player can level up, increasing their health and making their attacks more powerful.

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All Features of the script

  • Infinite XP
  • Infinite Levels

How to Use Animal Simulator Script Hack?

  1. Download any Roblox Executor (Like KRNL)
  2. Go and join the game
  3. Run Executor, click Inject/Attach
  4. Paste the script
  5. Execute!

Download Script