Apex Legends Free Spoofer – Free HWID Spoofer Working – Undetected 2021

Apex Legends Spoofer free

Apex Legends Free Spoofer – Free HWID Spoofer Working – Undetected 2021

Hey all, here in this post, we will provide you free and best Apex Legends Spoofer Free which is pretty much the cool and easiest spoofer I have ever used. This Apex Legends free spoofer is currently working without any such errors, use this Spoofer to clean your traces and remove your HWID Ban.

Nowadays, multiplayer games are by far the most popular type of video games. Almost everyone who plays video games plays multiplayer games on a regular basis, games like Fortnite, PUBG, and, of course Apex Legends.

HWID Spoofer is very much useful if you want to save your apex legends account from the ban. Spoofers are really useful if you are using a free hack for the apex to make sure your account is safe and won’t get ban after all. If you are HWID banned on Apex you will have to Clean traces and Spoof your Serials

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Last Updated23/05/2021

What is HWID Spoofer?

HWID is short for Hardware ID Ban. Instead of simply banning your account, these forms of bans allow the anti-cheat system to prevent you from playing a game on your computer. If you are detected cheating in a game, the anti-cheat software will leave tracker files on your computer that will ban you from ever playing that game on that PC again.

Despite the fact that your old account may be banned at some time, HWID changers allow you to continue playing the game with a new account on the same computer without having to buy a new one.

Why Should you use a HWID Spoofer?

HWID bans, as previously stated, mean that you will never be allowed to play a specific game on your computer again due to the tracking files. If you don’t use an HWID Changer, that is. There’s no way you should be punished for having to have a little play with the game and make it simple for yourself to win. It’s not fair to have to buy a new computer simply to play your favorite game again, which is why you should install HWID Spoofers. They’ll let you play whatever game you choose again, while also protecting you from future tracking files and HWID bans.

That means it may support you in multiple ways, as will allow you to play any game you want while also allowing you to do so with peace of mind, knowing you won’t get blacklisted.

What are traces in Apex?

EAC and Apex have files on your computer that help them find you. If you want to get through your HWID ban, delete these files since they may include your HWID data or game exit state (Something EAC can use to identify your PC).

Features of the Apex Legends Spoofer Free

  1. Apex Traces Cleaner
  2. PC MAC Adress Changer
  3. Hardware GUID Changer
  4. Product ID Changer
  5. Easy to use

Changes made to the PC’s contents

  • Windows Update Client ID
  • IE Product ID
  • IE KB Number
  • IE Install date
  • PC Username
  • PC Hostname
  • Windows Build version
  • Build Number
  • Windows build lab
  • Volume ID
  • PC Mac Address
  • Hardware GUID
  • Build Lab Ex
  • Build Guid
  • CryptoMachine Guid
  • Device Guid
  • CKCL Guid
  • WMI Guid
  • EDGE Guid
  • Install Date

Removing HWID ban from Apex takes these Steps –

  1. Cleaning Traces – This will clean all your files that shares data with the EAC and Apex
  1. Spoofing HWID – This will spoof your HWID after you clean your traces completely. After cleaning traces you have to Change the following HWID serials with the Spoofer.
  • Baseboard
  • Bios
  • CPU
  • Disks
  • MAC

How to use Apex Legends Spoofer FREE?

Instructions for Apex Legends Cleaner –

1- Execute the batch file as an administrator.
2- Restart your computer. 
3- Go to Origin and right click on Apex > Locate game > Find your game so you don’t have to reinstall it completely.

Instructions for Apex Legends HWID Spoofer Free –

There are two working Spoofers here, figure it out which one works for you.

# Spoofer 1 :

  1. Download the Spoofer and Extract it
  2. Go to the Extracted Location and type cmd on the top bar
  3. Now type – kdmapper.exe spoofer.sys and Press Enter
  4. Enjoy!

# Spoofer 2 :

  1. Download the Spoofer from the downloads
  2. Disable your antivirus/ Windows Defender
  3. Run Spoofer as Administrator
  4. Done!

Download links for Spoofers and Cleaner have been attached below