Battlefield 4 Cheats – Free ESP, Aimbot, RADAR Undetected 2021

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Last updated13/10/2021

Battlefield 4 Free Cheat Description

This cheat is developed by Menool, who is developing battlefield cheats since 2020, and now he has decided to release a working BF4 cheat with lots of features included. The Features which come with it are really cool which are – Aimlocks, Triggerbot, Jett Aimbot, RADAR, and many more.

System Requirements (Tested on)-

  • Win 10 pro (19041)
  • Any Intel CPU
  • Any Nvidia GPU.
  • In-game resolution 1920×1080
  • Graphics: Mid to High

All Features –


  • AimKey [ALT]
  • AimLock [B]
  • Simple aim smooth
  • Works for infantry and in vehicle
  • TV Missile aimbot [HOLD ALT]
  • Jet aimbot
  • Jet speed control [HOLD SPACE]
  • Triggerbot [JETT ONLY]


  • Team
  • Lines
  • Vehicles
  • ‘2D’ or ‘3D’
  • Vehicle indicators
  • Explosives
  • Guided missile (own)
  • Prediction crosshair (with applied angular velocity for vehicles)
  • Prediction data
  • Some more Prediction options…
  • Radar with icons
  • Spectators on the server
  • Vehicle crosshair (own)


  • Tooltips
  • Debug output
  • Watermark with current time
  • Custom name (Client only)
  • Save/Load config
  • Unload

How to use the Cheat

The cheat is based on Discord overlay, so you need to Enable discord overlay before injecting into the cheat.

1. Start Discord on your PC
2. Go to Settings and Enable Discord overlay
2. Now Run BF4 and wait for the Discord popup
3. Check your Discord Overlay with your Hotkey to see if it’s working properly.
4. After that Inject the cheat using any injector
5. If you see any Watermark of the cheat inside the top left corner of the game, you are ready to go!