(Working) Blizzard Account Generator FREE Undetected 2021

Looking for Actual working Blizzard accounts generator? This post will guide you to get free blizzard accounts with some simple methods which will save your money so that you can get unlimited accounts for free.

This Account generator works fine, you need a discord server with a channel that has a webhook link, and 5sim.net w/ balance to make it work.

VAC StatusUndetected 
TypeBlizzard Account Generator
Last Updated05/10/2021

About the Blizzard Acc Generator

The Generator works very fine with me and checked personally. You just need to follow the instructions carefully, without any steps missed. You will definitely get the accounts for free. The accounts will be sent to the discord server where you need to create a channel with the webhook in it.

Make sure to check the requirements for the generator to make it work.

Requirements for Account Generator

  • Discord server with a channel that has webhooklink
  • 5sim.net balance
  • Python 3.9
  • Install Python Drivers –
    selenium, requests, dhooks

How to Use Blizzard Acc Generator

Befire you start –

  • Download and Install Python 3.9
    (When Installing select the ADD TO PATH and Select DISABLE PATH LENGTH LIMIT)
  • Install Pycharm IDE
    (Check all the boxes while installing)

Instructions to use –

  1. Copy and Paste the Downloaded script to Local Disk C (it should look like C:\pythongen)
  2. Run Pycharm and click Python Packages on the below screen.
  3. Click on search and install these drivers one by one – selenium, requests, dhooks
  4. On top right Click Add Configuration -> Add new run configuration and Choose Python
  5. Set any name on top, then set script location to “C:\pythongen\main.py
  6. Copy & Paste your Discord channel webhook URL in the python code.
    (Paste INTO Webhook = “URLHERE”)
  7. Copy & Paste the 5Sim Protocol key from https://5sim.net/settings/security
    ( paste into token = ‘here’ )
  8. Enter the Desired betname, password and security question in the code
  9. Run the script

Working screenshothttps://imgur.com/fgM8kfR

Note :

  • If you see json loads error, check your API key and try again
  • USA IP might not work, use European server with VPN