CastleMiner Z Hacks PC – No recoil, InfItemhealth, No Clip 2021

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CastleMiner Z Hacks PC – No recoil, InfItemhealth, No Clip 2021

Hey all, Ever Played CastleMiner Z? For those who want the hack this game, this post is for you.
CastleMiner Z is a strategy game in an infinite world with deep caves to explore and terrifying monsters to defeat. Construct structures out of blocks, make weapons and tools out of raw materials, and explore the huge and terrifying world around you.

CastleMiner Z Trainer – CastleMiner z Trainer is working quite good, and currently Undetected. Use hacks for CastleMiner Z, as you like, and have fun!

Last Updated07 June 2021

CastleMiner Z Hacks PC Features

  • Creative Mode
  • InfStam
  • HandStack
  • Ammo
  • Full Auto
  • No recoil
  • Infinite Item Health
  • Weapon/ToolUseSpeed
  • Others

Changelogs –

  • The ‘Connect/ReSyncClient’ Button syncs faster, with less lag, and less
  • issues/crashes.
  • Added ‘Scoped: On/Off’ (Can’t combine with FullAuto unfortunately)
  • Added ‘SpeedDrop’
  • Added ‘DragonEndurance: Unlocked/Locked’ (If you’ve completed
  • Endurance more than once, you can not re-lock the achievement.)
  • Fixed a few button issues where it wouldn’t sync, or change the value.
  • Few other tweaks. Overall much smoother than v0.7.

(Now with FullAuto and NoRecoil toggled and WeaponSpeed turned up, you can draw pictures in the sky with an RPG ^_^ (Do not attempt this with laser weapons, you will crash your game)
Still have more id like to add to the menu, Just working out all the bugs and crashed.)

How to use CastleMiner Z Trainer  –

  1. Close your antivirus
  2. Make sure you are in the game
  3. Change Fullscreen to Windows Mode
  4. Download and Run Cheat Engine from here
  5. Run the script directly
  6. Enjoy!

Keybindings for CastleMinerZ hack-


Note :

1) When using CycleThroughHandItems –

  • Drop the cycled items to register them.
  • Make sure to cycle Block to Block, Guns to Guns, Knives to Swords, ect.
  • If your holding a dirt block, then cycle to a pistol, then attempt to shoot, the game will crash.
  • If anything in the menu like your ItemID does not update when swapping weapons, then push the ‘ReSyncClient/Connected’ button or restart the menu.
    If the game is closed/crashed while the menu is running, its best to push the ‘ReSynClient/Connected’ button to reset the menu before re opening the game. Then again after opening to ReSync.

2) If anything in game looks strange after using the menu (Like crafting menu items getting swapped around) Then in your Steam library, right click CastleMinerZ goto Properties, LocalFiles, and Verify Integrity Of Game File. This fixes everything, and takes no time at all.

3) Works Best in Windows Mode

4) Requires CheatEngine 7.1 or above to run