Counter Strike Source Hacks 2020 : Free ESP, No recoil, Aimbot, BHOP Undetected

Counter Strike Source Hacks 2020:  Free ESP, No recoil, Aimbot, BHOP Undetected

Hello everyone, Most of us Play Counterstrike but not only the Global version, but Many of them are also playing Counterstrike Source. Since these CS source Hacks 2020 are working I am going to share this with all CS source players.

Counter Strike is a very trending game its global version Counter Strike Global Offensive is already in many large numbers of Players! This Counter Strike Source version was also hit when the first time CS releases, yet it is still played by Many of us, it’s never boring.

Warning: This is for educational purposes only. Before you start using the Hacks, I am not responsible for any harm done to your device.

CS Source Cheat Info

Status: Undetected

VAC Status: Use at your own risk

version: V2

Last Updated: 28/10/2020

CS Source Hack Description :

This CS Source Hack is working fine and Updated.The Counter Strike Source, Its Fully Working, Used by Injector (will provide you below).

Its Undetected by tha VAC as well as SMAC. This comes with features like Counter Strike Source DLL Hack, Counter Strike Source Wallhacks, CS Source Aimbot, CS source BunnyHOP.

CS Source Requirements:

  • Windows 7,8,10
  • Desktop/ Laptop
    RAM  – 512 MB (minimum)

CS Source Hack Features :

  • Counter Strike Source Wallhack (ESP)
  • Counter Strike Source Aimbot
  • Counter Strike Source Triggerbot
  • Counter Strike Source No recoil

Zombie Escape:

  1. Auto Laser
  2. Perfect Accuray
  3. WireFrame Lasers
  4. Special Items WallHack
  5. Filter[Jump only,Duck Only,Both]


  1. Auto Shoot,Stop,Crouch
  2. Friendly Fire
  3. FOV -> (1 – 360)
  4. Smooth -> (1 – 35)
  5. Timeout -> Aimbot Dely
  6. HitBox Selection
  7. Target Selection
  8. Usage[Always,OnAttack]


  1. Usage[Auto, OnKey]
  2. Filter[Head,Chest,Stomach,Arms,Legs]


  1. Players
  2. Weapon (LocalPlayer Only)
  3. Players Backtrack[Last Tick Only, All Ticks]
  4. Type[Normal,Flat]



  1. PlayerBox[2D,2D Corner,3D,3D Corner]
  2. Health[Text,Bar,Both]
  3. Name
  4. Ammo
  5. Weapon name
  6. SnapLine
  7. Backtrack Dots]


  1. No Visuals Recoil
  2. No Teammates -> Hide Them
  3. No FlashLight -> Hide Players Impulse FlashLight
  4. No Smoke
  5. No Hands
  6. No Decals
  7. No Sky
  8. No Fog]


  1. Trails
  2. Tracers
  3. Draw Speed
  4. HitMarker
  5. FullBright
  6. Debug[INDEX,Classname,Modelname,Origin,Velocity] : IGonre[Players,Weapons,Sprites,Not Moving Entities, Over Desired Distance]
  7. ThirdPerson, Custom Distance]
  8. ViewModel FOV
  9. View FOV
  10. Flash Reduction



  1. No Spread
  2. No Recoil]


  1. BunnyHop, Perfect Rate -> (1 – 100)%, Legit Bhop Booster use without AutoBhop while scrolling your mouse only
  2. Auto Strafe, Circle Strafe
  3. Edge Jump
  4. AirStuck, Usage[Toggle,Hold]
  5. Fast Run
  6. Fast Stop]


  1. 1- Backtrack, Disable Interpolation
  2. 2- KnifeBot, Usage[OnKey,Auto], Method[Left,Right,Smart]
  3. Blockbot
  4. Anti Drug
  5. Auto Pistol
  6. Anti AFK Kick
  7. Instant Reload
  8. Instant Switch
  9. Instant Defuse
  10. Sv_Pure Bypass
  11. Fake Latency -> (0 – 800)%
  12. PlayerInfo[SetName,SetClanTag[custom/spammer],SetDisconnectMsg]
  13. SteamIDSpoofer, Random Value,Custom SteamID
  14. Download Manager[All,NoSounds,MapsOnly,Nono,Custom File Name]]


  1. Enforce ConVar -> SetConVar Memory value
  2. Set Command Flags
  3. Desired ConVar Data Response[Name,Value,Existence][Add,Remove]
  4. Adjust cl_inter[Server Side Value,ClientSide Value]


  1. Save,Load Config
  2. Panic,Unload

How to use Counter Strike Source Hacks :

1. Download any working Injector from here –

2. Run Injector! Select CS:Source in Process Tab 
3. Click Add to add the dll file you have downloaded.
4. Click Inject!

Hotkey: INSERT

Now menu will start showing automatically when you move back to the game if not press INSERT key to activate the Menu.