DarkSpy CSGO – Free Cheats Loader + VAC Bypass + Injector

Dark Spy CSGO loader

Hey all, looking for a cool CSGO cheats loader that contains plenty of cheats and you can run any one of them in one single click, here is a CSGO cheat loader that contains currently most of the free CSGO cheats which run smoothly with one go.

You all have used already many famous cheats for cs go such as – Orisis, PPHUD, Onetap crack you can get all these cheats plus many more which is not described here into a single application or called loader. which will load up all the cheats for you.

DeveloperSquatch悪夢 #4240
TypeCSGO Cheats Loader
version v1.1.7
Last Updated 11/09/2021

DarkSpy CSGO Cheat Loader Description

DarkSpy contains plenty of cheats included already, plus it has its own VAC Bypass software coded inside. You can get Your VAC Bypassed through this loader also if you want to use your own custom dll file Darkspy also supports that.

Get any dll injected through inejction with Custom Dll option in the Darkspy Loader.

Features of DarkSpy Loader

  • Free CSGO Cheats
  • VAC Bypass
  • Custom Injection
  • Config Support
  • Crack cheats
  • Regular Updates

Changelogs v1.1.7:

  • TeamFortress 2 — Added Cracked/free Cheats
  • Updated OTCV2,V3,HAPPYHOP
  • CSGO – Updated some cheats
  • Added Old UI in Settings
  • Updated LoadLibrary
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Linkvertise Removed

How to use CSGO Cheat Loader-

  1. Make sure to close your antivirus software (Defender for default one’s)
  2. Close the Game if already running
  3. Force close Steam (also from the taskbar)
  4. (Optional) Click Run VAC Bypass from the Loader
  5. Start CSGO wait in Menu
  6. Go to Cheat Section in the DarkSpy Loader, choose any cheat
  7. Inject!

Done! The cheat will be injected as soon as you inject with the loader. The Menu will appear into the game after these process.

Video Tutorial

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