Fortnite EAC Forcer – How to use Easy Anti-Cheat in Fortnite Working Method 2021

Fortnite EAC Forcer

EAC Forcer for Fortnite – How to use EAC Instead of BE: Fortnite Working Method

Hello everyone, In this thread, we are going to see some Methods of using EAC (Easy Anti cheat) instead of BE (Battle Eye) into Fortnite, which is really useful when you are using hacks into Fortnite. EAC Force helps you to Run Fortnite through EAC which is much safer to use the hacks into it. Follow this thread to set up EAC with EAC Forcer and use Hacks safely into Fortnite.

What is EAC Forcer?

EAC Forcer is an application or a method to use EAC While running Fortnite, You must see the EAC logo at the start when you start fortnite after using this EAC Forcer

Why use EAC Instead of BE?

Again Easy Anti cheat is dangerous at some level if you are using a free hack into Fortnite, Instead of using Easy Anti cheat, Using BattleEYE can save you from getting banned from the Game. 

How to Force EAC Fortnite?

Instructions :

1. Download the latest version of EAC Forcer from below.

2. Install it.

3. Check this directory if it’s installed correctly or not 


If you don’t find this Install_Battleye.bat delete the old one and reinstall the application.