BEST Fortnite Skin Changer 2021 (GALAXY SWAPPER V2.7) All OG Skins FREE

Galaxy Swapper V2.7 – Best Fortnite Skin Changer, All OG Skins FREE 2021

Looking for a Fortnite Skin Changer that really works? Galaxy swapper for Fortnite works really well in changing your skins into the Fortnite very effective and safe.

Galaxy swapper is a tool that patches your in-game skins with some default skins from the Skin changer mod Fortnite and installs it for you. Making changes to your PAK files into the game files activates the skins!

Note: If you are now permitted to download, turn your Anti-Virus off. Even though it’s completely safe, your computer will sometimes see the file as a potential threat!

DevWslt #1056
Last Updated16 March 2021

About Galaxy Swapper 

The Best Fortnite Skin Changer for PC is working without any error, will give you the advantage of installing many other default skins to your Player in the game. however always check the status on our site before downloading, also whenever the game gives updates, skins sets to default, make sure to download the updated version of skin changer from here.

Features of Skin Changer Fortnite –

  • FREE to use
  • All OG Skins
  • Pick Axes
  • Many more

How to use Skin Changer in Fortnite –

Instructions to use : 

1. Make sure Fortnite is closed, not running!

2. Install Galaxy Swapper and run it

3. Choose any skin, from there.

4. Click Convert!

5. Now close the skin Changer

(Imp – Make sure you check the Galaxy swapper is not running in the background or into the Task Manager)

6. Now Run Fortnite to see the Skins!

Important: If Fortnite fails to load/start or says to verify the game files, after using Skin changer, Just Close Epic Games Launcher, and run it. It would be solved.

Fortnite Skin Changer Tutorial