GH Injector v4.1 (Guided Hacking) – Free Best Injector for Online Games 2021

GH Injector v4.1 (Guided Hacking) – Free Best Injector for Online Games 2021

GH Injector is one of the Best and Free Open source injectors used by many hackers at the moment, which is currently free and available open-source on GH Injector GitHub. GH injector is very useful for some games like –  Team Fortress 2 and others, which is actually safe for specific games.

GH Injector developed by Guided Hacking Forum, which has currently the latest version out and is Updated on a regular basis. Here you will get the GH Injector Latest version into the download Pastebin.

The Guided Hacking Injector is capable of mostly all the games for Injection as it provides some of the very basic and advanced injection support for experienced hackers and users, newbies dont have to go into the advance option to make it work properly.

DeveloperВroihon (Guided Hacking)
TypeOpen Source Injectors
versionv4.1 (Latest)
Supportx86 and x64

GH Injector Features –

  • LdrpLoadDll injection
  • Manual mapping improved by a lot
  • Now resolves addresses using PDBs
  • Downloads PDBs (once) at startup
  • Tons of improvements

How to use GH Injector Tool  –

Instructions :

Make sure your antivirus is closed before proceeding to run the tool.

1. Download and Run the GH Injector.

2. Make sure your game is running now.

3. Drag the dll file in Empty space there to load the dll file.

4. Select the game in the Process tab.

5. Click Inject!

These were the basic steps for running and using GH injector however do not alter advanced settings until or unless it is required and you have knowledge about it.