GTA 5 Online – Guylet’s Playerdex | External Player Logger 2021

GTA 5 player logger

Want to keep a record of the people you are playing with? then Guylet’s playerdex is the best Logger for players which you can use to keep a record of players you are playing and check it every time you are playing GTA 5 Online.

Guylet’s Playerdex is an External Player Logger which is very much handy if you love trolling in the game. Join as any Player you want using this application. It also displays the mugshots of each and every player.

Last updated15 June 2021

Description for Guylet’s playerdex:

Guylet’s Playerdex helps you Logs the names of players get them all of your session and help you with doing your missions by no one destroying your stuff it is really easy to use and really good at its functions, guylet’s playerdex is also virus-free, fully scanned.

Features of Guylet’s playerdex

  • Logs names
  • RID of all players in the session
  • You can add any player to your favorites
  • RID joiner (You can join any player as long as they’re in a public session)
  • Downloads mugshots of the players 
  • A note box to keep notes about people

How to use Guylet’s Playerdex:

  1. Download the Guylet’s Playerdex
  2. extract the file in a folder
  3. open GTA 5
  4. Load into a public lobby
  5. run Guylet’s Playerdex as Administrator
To join the RID you created with the "RID to join" button, go to Pause > ONLINE > Crews > Suggested Crews > RID to Join. (choose any crew) > Members List > (Choose anyone online from the crew members list) > Join in the game. The RID you entered will then be added to it.