Valorant Free Hack – Working Triggerbot, Bunny Hop, Auto Pistol Undetected 2021

Hack Valorant FREE – Triggerbot, BHOP Working Cheat Undetected 2021

Looking for Working Valorant Simple cheat which comes with basic triggerbot, Bunny Hop, and other basic stuff, In this thread, we are going to see the tutorial and working of Working hack Valorant with free Triggerbot, BHOP for valorant.

If you play Valorant there are few easy hacks included that can make you win the match easily with this Immortal Valorant cheat. 

This Valorant Free Hack is working so I thought to upload it here for valorant newbies as well as regulars.

Last Updated05/08/2021

Valoarant Hacks Description :

This Valorant Cheat is working fine with common features – BHOP, Triggerbot valorant as well as auto agent selector developed by LUFZYS and it’s still not detected.

Valorant Hack – All Features :

  • Valorant Triggerbot
  • Valorant Bunnyhop
  • Valorant Auto pick agent
  • Valorant Auto Aim hack 
  • – Auto Stop
  • – Auto Pistol

How to Hack Valorant PC :

  1. Download and unarchive the with WinRAR
  2. Place the EXE file in any place you want
  3. Disable Windows Defender and anti-viruses (The exe file can trigger false-positive so the cheat will be deleting every time)
  4. Run the triggetbot.exe
  5. Setup the cheat (Shoot delay, Radius, etc.)
  6. Run the game
  7. Enjoy!

Recommended Settings (Credits: OnionJuice)

1. Best working with Snipers – Triggerbot

  • RADIUN 8

2. Set Enemy outline to PURPLE ONLY for working of triggerbot.
3. Recommended Resolution (1366×768) It needs to be using 1366×768 resolution in fullscreen game.

4. It should have enemy outlines the same color in game and into the cheat menu.

5. Use a semi-automatic or burst gun for best results.

6. Tested Guns settings to look legit:

Marshall/OP | 5 shoot delay | 6-8 radius (8 for headshots, 6 for body)

Sheriff  | 400 shoot delay  | 6 radii (for body, use op settings for headshots)

Guardian  | 5 shoot delay  | 6 radius

Auto guns (don’t recommend) | 6 radius | 100-300 shoot delay

Burst guns | 5 radius |  5-100 shoot delay (depends on the distance from the enemy)

7. Sniper Legit Settings – 

Case 1: On the ascent at the beginning of the round, peeking at this angle –

Case 2:  When peeking like this, use 6 radius (only recommend peeking like this to look legit if you have spectators)

Case 3: If you peek like this, use a radius of 8