Halo Infinite ESP Hack Free (Wallhack) Safe, Undetected 2022

Halo Infinite is the recent Halo game that has been played by many players right now, also hacks for Halo infinite have been also trending now some are paid and also the free ones. Here we are sharing you guys a free hack for Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite ESP Hacks has been added to our site, and all are checked manually and free from viruses and trojans. The game is already filled with many hackers if you play it regularly you will get them in almost every match.

Get this Halo infinite free hack from our site, and use it to dominate other players in the game. But I will recommend you to not use it aggresively and use it to a limit, otherwise it may get you ban.

TypeHalo Infinite Free ESP Hack
Last Updated23/01/2022

About the Halo Infinite Free hack

The Hack here works best without any issues, the only feature that you can use if the ESP/Wallhack Feature. The cheat here is ESP Only. If you are looking for other No recoil or Aim assist hacks for Halo Infinite, you can check the below link.

Check here: Halo Infinite No Recoil, Aim Assist Hack Free Undetected

All Working Features

  • ESP Hack
  • Safe to use
  • Undetected
  • Works with Cheat Engine
  • Free from virus

How to Use Halo Infinite WallHack?

Instructions to use

  1. Download the hack file first from the link
  2. Run Halo, Join server
  3. Run Cheat Engine & Attach to HaloInfinite.exe (VEH debugger)
  4. Open memory view and go to HaloInfinite.exe+7BE87C (Address may change in future updates)
  5. Then toggle breakpoint on this opcode “movsx r14d,byte ptr [rax+01]”
  6. look at the value in the rax register. Copy that address and add 1 (This is your team in byte form)
  7. Simply change value to opposite and now you can see your enemies through walls!

or Simply run the exe file directly instead of doing cheat engine stuff.


  • Press INSERT to switch team,
  • DELETE to close cheat.