Halo Infinite No Recoil, Aim Assist (AHK Script) Undetected

There are many hacks for Halo Infinite on the internet, but most of them are viruses and fake. Most of the hacks don’t even work. Here we have got some free scanned Halo Infinite script hacks that you can use freely without any issues.

If you are looking for Halo Infinite No Recoil or Halo Infinite Aim assist hacks for free, in the form of AHK this post is for you. Just follow this post carefully to get the hack worked.

TypeHalo Infinite AHK Script Hack
Last Updated22/12/2021

About the Halo Infinite AHK Script Hacks

The cheat for Halo Infinite is very simple to use, In order to use this AHK script you will be needed an AHK tool, which can be downloaded easily from google. There is no exe file included with this, you will have the AHK script only that you need to use.

For this hack, we recommend you use the AHK tool from here or another scripting tool that you know. The aim assist also work great, It will pull your aim onto players that are close in your FOV and keep it there

All Working Features

  • AHK Script
  • No Recoil Script
  • Aim Assist Script
  • Free to use

How to Use Halo Infinite AHK Script

Instructions for Halo Infinite No Recoil Hack (or Aim assist)

  1. Download the .ahk script for No Recoil
  2. Now Download the AutoHotKey from here & Download and Install
  3. Open Text Editor (such as Notepad ++)
  4. Copy and Paste script above & Save as “anyname.ahk”
  5. Now Start Halo & Change Enemy UI Color to “Cersis”
  6. Load up custom with bots
  7. Enjoy!