HYPER SCAPE Hacks FREE | Aimbot Hack | Undetected 2021

Hyper Scape Hacks Aimbot

HYPER SCAPE Hacks FREE | Color Aimbot Hack | Working, Undetected 2021

Hey all, Looking for Hyper scape hacks? that really works, here on our site you will get game hacks easily. Here Hyper Scape hacks are added to our site. If you haven’t played hyperscape you can give it a try.

Hyper Scape is the world’s first and only free-to-play urban futuristic battle royale, in which 100 players compete in first-person close-quarters combat in fast-paced bouts to become the next worldwide superstar. attempting to survive by the use of weaponry, special hack abilities, and extremely vertical movements.

The Hack for Hyper Scape is completely Free to use, and Working fine. Hyper scape aimbot feature is the coolest featire that one needs. Use Aimbot to Dominate others in game, using this Hyper Scape AHK Aimbot.

Last Updated08 June 2021

About AHK Scripts

AHK are the easiest way to use the aimbot and no recoil hacks into the game. Also much safer than the other ones. AHK are the scripts which are used by the AutoHotkey application on windows, You will need AutoHotkey software to run this hack on your PC.

Features of Hyper Scape AHK Aimbot

  • Color Aimbot
  • Smooth Aim
  • Easy to use

How to use Hyper Scape Aimbot Hack-

Instructions :

  1. Make sure to install the latest version of AutoHotkey from here.
  2. Go back to the game
  3. Make it Windowed Mode
  4. Run the Script
  5. Try holding right-click in-game to make it work
  6. Enjoy!

Hotkeys :

Activate Aimbot – Hold Right Click (In Game)

Read Before Using

The colorblind mode must be set to deuteranopia.
Also, Make sure the in-game crosshair isn't red.
Try it out in training to find which anti-aliasing settings are the most accurate for you.
it works by holding right-click