Hack Script v4.0.2 (Dogeware) Working Free Aimbot & Wallhack 2021

Krunker io Hack Script  (Dogeware) Free Aimbot & Wallhack Undetected 2021

Hey guys as you all know Krunker is the Online first-person shooter, as well as client game same as CSGO (also runs on low-end PC), is on the top.

In our previous post we saw another aimbot script but was not pretty good and was the only aimbot, In this thread, we are going to see two in one Krunker io hack which is Aimbot + Wallhack (ESP).

Dogeware Release is the best of all the Krunker ESP hacks and Aimbot plus many other features that can be seen in the Chonker Mod Menu. Pretty easy to use without any Ban.

DeveloperChonker1337 #6067
TypeDogeware – Krunker Hack Script + Client 
versionWorking on v4.0.2
Last Updated24 June 2021

Krunker io Hack Description :

Krunker hacks aimbot + Wallhack working with tampermonkey (coded form), Made it very easy to shot the enemy as well as to see the enemy’s location through Krunker ESP. The code was written by Chonker, working great.  works with Tampermonkey scripts ( extension)

Features of krunker Hack Script :

  • Aimbot
  • Auto Aim
  • Auto – Reload
  • Speed Hack
  • Krunker Wallhack
  • Third Person Mode (New)
  • No Weapon Zoom (New)

Dogeware version v4.0.2 –

  • Remove Loading Animation
  • Remove the need for WASM
  • Get token and game data from an iframe
  • Re-code Chams more colors and a gaybow
  • add a setting to toggle friendly Cham
  • Bypassed IP Ban
  • Faster loading
  • Added a reset button to help when your settings get fuzzed up
  • Also fixed some other things

Working of Krunker Cheats :

How to hack Krunker?

  1. Install Tampermonkey Chrome extension from here
  2. Create a new script or
  3. just open the downloaded script from below, it will redirect you to the script installation page.(or just copy all the code and paste it into tampermonkey new script)
  4. Click Install to install the cheat
  5. Go to Krunker and Press f1 to toggle the cheat.

How to use Dogeware in Loader?

  • Open Krunker Settings
  • Click the Cheats tab, you will see a cheat selector
  • Choose Dogeware there
  • Allow the page to reload

After completing the two tasks, it will redirect you to the game with the hacks enabled! Proceed with the Dog icon on left to make changes.

How to Toggle hack features?

>> To Enable/ Disable the hacks you will see a button with a dog under the settings button, it allows you to open the cheat menu. Alternative ways to open the cheat menu are the middle mouse button and F1 key.

Error Fixes –

1. The cheat doesn’t load into the game
Refresh the Page

2. It says socket error
Refresh the Page