(Valak Client) League of Legends Free Cheat Undetected 2021

(Valak Client) League of Legends Free External Cheat + Skin Changer Undetected 2021

Looking for League of Legends cheats that are working as well as undetected? here in this post, we are providing some of the best and free league of legends cheat that works. Follow this thread to get a cool working cheat for league of legends.

Valak Client League of Legends External Cheat

This League of Legends Hack Client is working great without any ban, and comes with some of the best features such as – Auto say lane, Auto accept, directly deny or allow friend requests plus an external skin changer. Skin changer provided is working as client side.

TypeValak Client – League of Legends
version v5.9
Last Updated 06/01/2022

Requirements to use :

Features of Lol Cheat :

  • Skin Changer = Enable you to customize your appearance in-game. (To access the Valak menu, press INSERT in the game.)
  • Auto Say Lane = If activated, say one lane in the normal game’s chat.
  • Auto accepts = Accept automatically matches.
  • Rank Chat Changer=Adjust any tier rank (SOLO/DUO) in the League of Legends Chat description.
  • Instant Lock = Automatically Instant lock your Player
  • Friend Requests= Auto Accept /Remove Friend Requests
  • Client Restart =Without quitting champion collection, restart your client.
  • Item sets Clear=After switching accounts, clear all item sets.
  • 5 training bots =Create a 5-bot training mode.
  • Auto Say timer= In chat, set a timer to call auto say lane.
  • Auto Disconnect= At the start of each game, disconnect Valak Client from League of Legends.

Changelogs –

  • + Updated: Updated Valak Client and Skin Changer to League 11.12 (All skins released included).
  • + Added: Aram Booster – Activate the skin bonus for your team, without spending your RP.

How to use Leauge of Legends Cheat

Instructions :

  1. Download the Valak Client first
  2. Start League of Legends
  3. Simply Run the client with Administrator rights
  4. Enjoy

Press INSERT for the Client menu.

Note: Run Valak Client as Administrator!!!
If your menu not appear, try to press the keys "CTRL + INSERT"

Video Tutorial :

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