Mad Spoofer – Valorant HWID Spoofer FREE Undetected 2021

Most of you guys were searching for a Free Valorant Spoofer that works well and is free to use. If you got a Hardware ban on Valorant, Fortnite, COD MW, and Apex Legends, this Spoofer will work best for you. The Spoofer was first released on CheaterMad by the Yuki.

Most of you wanted a Free Valorant Spoofer, this Spoofer works for several games, Personally tested on Valorant which really works well. So if you are HWID banned, you can use this spoofer to unban your HWID. Make sure to note that your account will be not unbanned, that is not possible for any spoofer, but you can reset your HWID so that you can play again on your PC.

What is an Spoofer?

Spoofer is a tool or program which runs by admin privileges and spoofs your PC, basically, it has cleaners that clean the traces which the game left behind. Spoofer helps you to reset your HWID and get you a new Hardware ID. Spoofer can really save your money from buying a new computer.

Why do we need Spoofer?

There is a Unique ID or Hardware ID which is generated by your PC parts for safety, and they are unique for every other PC, So if you get a Permanent ban which means you are HWID banned and can never play on that system/PC again. The only option left is now to buy a new computer or use a spoofer that will help you to get rid of the HWID ban.

VAC StatusUndetected 
DeveloperYuki #2487
TypeValorant HWID Spoofer FREE
Last Updated06/07/2021

How to Setup and Use the Mad Spoofer?

Make sure you follow the complete instructions step by step to avoid any errors. If you get any error, make sure you comment below down or ask for help on the Discord server.


Installation :

  1. Download and Extract the RAR file.
  2. Now Run the MadSpoofer.exe with Admin acess.
  3. Press Spoof
  4. At Right screen you can see your new Data that will be applied after spoof.
  5. Delete all the Valorant related files and Subfolders that left. (Format your whole PC if you do not care the Data)
  6. Now Reinstall the new Window
  7. Download the Spoofer again and Spoof


Flashing Bios :

After you followed the above steps, here you will need to Flash your bios now. To do so –

  1. Make sure you know your Motherboard Full name
  2. If not, go to command prompt and Enter “wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer” you will see your motherboard there.
  3. Now go check Youtube/Google for How to flash “Your motherboard name”.
  4. After you successfully flashed your Motherboard, Reinstall Valorant.
  5. And Login with a new account (Important)
(Important) Make sure you use a new account to login by registering at Valorant official site. Do not use the banned account again here.