[Latest] Menyoo GTA 5 Offline Mod Menu | Undetected 2021

Want the best Offline mod menu with a lot of features? Want to have fun in GTA 5 offline? Want to beat all the missions with style? Then you are at the correct post here we have The best mod menu for GTA 5 OFFLINE, which will help you Have fun, do missions easily plus u can get Rich and do a lot of destruction.

Grand Theft Auto V is a 2013 action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It is the first main entry in the Grand Theft Auto series since 2008’s Grand Theft Auto IV.

Download the Menu today and be a master at GTA 5 Single Player Mode.

Last updated28 Aug 2020
Features amount1000+

Description for Menyoo GTA 5 Menu:

This menu is the best menu for STORY MODE. It has more than 1000 features and will help you with missions and a lot of stuff, made by Mafins this menu can get you everything u desire from A-Z in Story mode of GTA 5.

Features of Menyoo menu:

  1. Player menu
  2. Spawner
  3. Weapons customize
  4. Vehicle customization
  5. Spooner mode
  6. action trigger
  7. Many more….

KEYBINDS for the menu:

Keyboard input:

F8 – Open the menu
Backspace – Back
Enter – Select
UpArrow – Up
DownArrow – Down
LeftArrow – Left
RightArrow – Right

Controller input:

RB+Left – Open the menu
B/Circle – Back
A/X – Select
DPAD Up – Up
DPAD Down – Down
DPAD Left – Left
DPAD Right – Right


  • Bugfix – SpoonerMode, GravityGun, TeleportGun, etc. were detecting all surfaces as mutable entities.
  • Bugfix – Weapon abilities stopped working due to a code optimisation issue.
  • Bugfix – Infinite ammo was always enabled.

How to install and Menyoo GTA 5

  1. Download and Extract it in a file
  2. Copy all the files
  3. Open your GTA folder, where you have the GTA Installed
  4. Paste all the copied files in the folder
  5. Open the game by using F8
  6. Select the options
  7. Enjoy!!
Must Read : This is a Offline Mod Menu for GTA 5, Do not try to use on GTA Online Mode. Menyoo works only for the Single Player Mode