Mercury Mod Menu GTA 5 – FREE, Safe GTA Online 1.52 Working (Latest) Undetected

Mercury Mod Menu GTA 5

Mercury Mod Menu GTA 5- FREE GTA Online 1.52 (latest) Undetected 2020

After GTA 5 Update recently, most of the Mod Menu’s are outdated, mercury Mod Menu is recently updated to the latest version, and currently safe to use!

Mercury Mod menu is one of the FREE mod Menus for GTA 5 which consists of free and best features like – money drop, teleporting, weapons, player options, and currently Undetected.

DeveloperLUCAA, LeQuit
TypeGTA 5 Undetected Mod Menu
versionV0.3.5 [Latest]
Last UpdatedDecember 26, 2020

Description of Mercury Mod Menu:

This Mod menu is currently Undetected and safe in GTA 5 Online 1.52 (latest build) working fine undetected, very simple to use, with some of the best features available into it. completely clean from virus and malware, any detections from antivirus are false alarms, close up antivirus to use mod menu continuously.

Features of Mercury Mod Menu:

  • Money Options
  • Player options
  • Recovery Options
  • Weapons
  • Invisible
  • God Mode
  • Networks
  • many more

CHANGELOG [v.0.3.6]

  • – Added Redeem Key to Inject (If you start the Launcher it will open a link to a key)
  • – Fixed some Bugs (Freecam etc.)
  • – Added Dev Access Area (Only with Key)
  • – Added Theme Loader
  • – Added YTD File Check


– Added Walk-Clip


  • It automatically loads and saves the last theme you turned on.
  • – Improved Light Theme
  • – Improved Retro Theme
  • – Improved Grey Theme
  • – Added Discord Theme (Nice xD)
  • – Added Reload Auto Saved Theme
  • – Added Recreate .INI


  • – Added Gravity
  • -Added Ped/Model Spawner


  • – Added Ped List 400+ Models
  • – Added Set Ped Friendly
  • – Added Set Ped Group Leader
  • – Added Set Ped as Cop
  • – Added Set Ped Handcuffed
  • – Added Set Ped Gravity
  • – Added Change Ped Health
  • – Added Change Ped Armour
  • – Added Change Ped Shoot Accuracy
  • – Added Ped Damage Amount


You can now spawn cars to other selected Players.

  • – Added Spawn Maxed at Player
  • – Added Delete Last Vehicle (Player)
  • – Added All Cars like in the normal Vehicle Spawner


  • – Added Vehicle Rape
  • – Added Spawn Cargoplanes

Mercury Mod Menu Download link :

How to use Mods safely-

  1. Make sure to close up your antivirus for short time.
  2. Start GTA  5 Game
  3. Copy Mercury Folder to the Local Disk C: or use the shortcut file.
  4. Run Mercury Mod menu, Press 1, Enter

Now, wait until it popups in there – Mercury Injected. Go back to the Game and Press Space to continue

Hotkeys :

Open: F8 or * (Numpad)

Up: Numpad 8

Down: Numpad 2

Back: Numpad 0

Select: Numpad 5

Close: *

Video Tutorial