LiquidBounce 1.8 – Best Free Minecraft ESP Mod Working Undetected 2021

Minecraft ESP Hack – Free Minecraft ESP Mod – Undetected 2021

Hey guys many of you requested working and undetected free Minecraft ESP Hacks, and many of you already have used this hack, its very popular and working from years.

So the hack Consists of Free ESP Mod Minecraft with lots of features. It is a great working mod developed by Liquid bounce such a great developer of Minecraft hacks and Produces the best Minecraft hacks.


This is for educational purposes only. Before you start using the hack. I am not responsible for any harm done to your Device. Use it at your own risk!

What is Minecraft ESP Mod?

Mod is just a tool that is used to modify the internal game with its modifying capability. Mod consists of many features as they are programmed like to do given tasks, however, you may not find the Minecraft esp source on Github.

Minecraft ESP Mod 1.8.9

Status Undetected
versionLiquidBounce 1.8 
UpdatedAuto update

Minecraft ESO Mod 1.8 9 Description

Minecraft Free ESP with Liquid bounce is great Mod and can be used without any issues. The file is compact in size and saves lots of RAM and Disk usage. File scanned with Antivirus No virus or any malware is there.

Minecraft ESP Mod Features

The Mod comes with great features like Free ESP Minecraft, Minecraft Forge Mods, Minecraft Xray texture pack, and complete whole lots of features required for exploiting the game.

All features :

  • Awesome Interface
  • Customizable
  • System Compatible 
  • Regular Updates (Active Developers)
  • MCLeaks Integration
  • Forge Compatible (use with any other Mods)

How to install Minecraft Mods

Follow some easy steps and you are ready to go!

Step I – Installation of Forge in your system

1. Download the latest version from here

2. Install the Forge

Step II – Installation of Minecraft ESP Mod

1. Run Minecraft launcher and select the Forge in the Profile.

2. Make a new Folder ” Mods ” in the given directory 


3. Copy Liquidbounce 1.8.9.jar to Mod Folder you created.

Now you can start the Minecraft and use the Mod

Still not getting? Watch out video Tutorial below