Muck Free Cheat + Injector Download Working Undetected 2021

Muck cheats

Muck Free Cheat + Injector Download Working Undetected 2021

Tired of stamina ending early and having insufficient food in Muck? Then you are at the correct post, we here have the best hack for Muck which you can find for 2021 and is also tested by our moderators, This hack has over 25 features that will help you become a champion in Muck and will help you have fun in the game.

Muck is a survival-roguelike Collect resource, find items & build a base to survive for as long as you can

So what are you waiting for Download today and be the best player in Muck.

Developer Aterror2be
V2 Last updated4th July 2021

Description of Muck Cheats:

One of the best hacks for Muck which has a lot of features like ESP, Aimbot, and a lot more. This hack will help you overcome your challenges and Help you troll your friends and everyone else, Download today and flex your new skills. You will need an Injector to use this dll cheat. We recommend using MonoInjector with this, download links are added.

All Features of Muck Free Cheat:

  • Player Esp + [Distance]
  • Player Chams Mob Esp + [Distance]
  • Mob Chams Tree Esp + [Health]
  • Resource Esp + [Health]
  • Ground Items Chams Shrine Esp + [Distance]
  • Snapline Esp
  • Snapline Position: Bottom/Center
  • Aimbot + [Bind Mouse 1]
  • DrawFov AttackStats + [Bind F3]
  • MobTeleportHit + [Bind Mouse 0]
  • FlyHack + [Bind F1]
  • PickUpAll
  • GodMode + [Bind F2]
  • Infinate Stamina
  • Infinate Food
  • SpeedHack + [Bind F4]
  • JumpHack + [Bind F5]
  • Raycast Teleport + [Bind F]
  • Instant Revive
  • Fov Changer
  • BreakEverything + [Bind F6]
  • SpawnBoss
  • FollowPlayer
  • PingSpammer
  • No Grass Free
  • Respawn Time Changer
  • ItemGenerator + [Amount]


  • Menu Key – Insert
  • Toggles Menu Key – Delete

How to use Muck dll cheat:

  1. Download the files (dll cheat + injector)
  2. Open Muck
  3. Run the injector and Enter the Following :
  4. Set Name Space as : Loader
  5. Set Class Name as : Load
  6. Set Method Name as : CreateGameObject
  7. Press Inject
  8. Enjoy!

Video Tutorial