Muck on Steam Hacks – GodMode, Teleport, Spawner Undetected

muck on steam hacks

Muck on Steam Hacks – GodMode, Teleport, Spawner Undetected

Ever Played Muck on Steam? Muck is a cool new survival game that is pretty cool something like Minecraft which is fun to play you can chop down trees, collect materials just like Minecraft. It is created by a famous YouTuber Dami a few weeks ago. You can play this game with your friends easily.

Muck on Steam hacks are really needed now, so here on our site we have a working and unique muck on steam hack which is really working for now, and undetected. Use this hack to boost your gameplay and do all the stuff you can do.

Last Updated01 August 2021
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Muck on Steam Hacks Info

Muck on steam hacks contains pretty useful cheats, In the game Muck, you will be able to give yourself any number of different goods, engage god mode and so move over the world as you choose, and you will never go hungry.

Features of Muck Steam hack

  • Spawner (can give coin, armor and more)
  • God mode
  • Infinite stamina
  • Infinite food
  • Item and powerup spawner
  • Destroy all trees
  • Destroy all rocks
  • Destroy all resources
  • Destroy all chests
  • Kill all mobs
  • Activate all shrines
  • Open all chests
  • Easy to use

Source code :

How to use Muck Dll cheat –

  1. You will need SharpMonoInjector (link added into downloads)
  2. Now download the muck on steam DLL file from the download link below.
  3. Make sure the game is running!
  4. Run the Injector, select Muck in Process and the cheat DLL.
  5. Enter Namespace = MuckInternal, class name = Loader, method name = Init
  6. Click inject
  7. Enjoy!

Hotkeys –

  • NUMPAD for Navigate
  • NUM5 for valid Select.