Paladins Aim Assist Hack – AHK Script – Undetected Free 2020

Tired of getting hackers in your match and getting campers? Missing shots by a couple of distances? Then we have an amazing Aim Assist for you to use in Paladins which will help you to become a master in paladins game and Flex your new skills in front of your friends. Download SwiftShot today which is Undetected and free.

Paladins is a 2018 free-to-play online hero shooter video game by Hi-Rez. The game was developed by Evil Mojo, an internal studio of Hi-Rez, and was released on May 8, 2018, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, followed by a Nintendo Switch version released on June 12, 2018.

Download the SwiftShot and dominate all the games.

Last updated8th June 2020

What is an AHK script?

AutoHotKey is a scripting language and interpreter that allows you to automate activities in both Windows and video games.

Use the Auto Hotkey Tool for windows available on the official site to import or use the scripts directly.

Paladins Swiftshot Description:

Swiftshot is a AHK script for the game paladins which u can use for Aim assist and changing your aim speed and help you improve your skills by using simple AHK scripts as they are undetected, free and virus free and still undetected and working even after 1 Year, download today from our site and flex your new skills.

Features of SwiftShot:

  • Paladins Aim speed
  • Paladins Aim assist
  • Aim speed management
  • Many more

How to use Swiftshot:

  • Download AHK
  • Start “Swift GUI.ahk”
  • Edit fields how you want (Edit Hotkey field with AHK key codes)
  • Press “Save” and start “SwiftShot.ahk”
  • Press the Hotkey button when you see an enemy and dominate them
  • Enjoy!