Roblox Pet Simulator Hack Script Download Undetected (2022)

The Roblox Pet Simulator X Pet dupe hack can be downloaded and used for free. This page will also be updated with cheat updates. This pet sim cheat is the greatest one you can get right now.

You may obtain support on the discord server given on this website if you need any help with the cheat or have any problems with the cheat.

Pet Simulator X is the newest and most exciting game in the Pet Simulator series, featuring a slew of new features and pets! Don’t be concerned. We’ve put together a short tutorial to assist you in downloading and using pet simulator cheats. There are a lot of amazing features in these cheats.

Last Updated22/03/2022

Roblox Pet Simulator X Dupe Hacks?

The dupe feature of this hack allows you to duplicate pets and gems in-game, thus doubling your inventory. This can be used to swiftly increase the number of pets and jewels you have while putting in the least amount of effort. All you have to do now is carefully follow the steps mentioned above, and everything should be great.

Roblox Pet Simulator Script Features

  • Pet Dupe
  • Gem Dupe
  • Collect pennies to purchase eggs! 
  • Unlock and explore new places and worlds like floating islands! 
  • Hatch legendary pets like a Dragon or Unicorn! 
  • Collect and trade pets with other players to get to the top! 
  • Upgrade your pets or combine them!

How to use Roblox Pet Simulator X Cheat?

  1. To begin, open Roblox and play the game.
  2. You may get whatever free Roblox executor you want from here
  3. After your game is up and running, connect the executor to Roblox.
  4. Run the executor with the cheat loaded to inject the cheat into the game.
  5. Have fun with the script.