Phasmophobia FREE Hack PC – ESP, Ghost, SpeedHack 2022

Phasmophobia FREE Hack PC – FREE ESP , Ghost Info, Max Sanity, Speed Hack Undetected 2022

Looking for Phasmophobia Hacks? Free that really works. Then this post is for you. This post will give you some of the best and Free Phasmophobia hacks on the internet it is really safe to use and virus-free!

To use the Phasmophobia hack for free you just need to follow each and every instruction given below to avoid any errors. This Hack will allow you to use hacks in every different way. This Hack includes – ESP, Ghost Info, Max Sanity, Trolling, and many more which will be described under features below. 

This free Hack is currently fully Safe and Undetected use it comes with stable updates, feel free to use it. Also, check the status of the hack file here before downloading.

TypePhasmophobia Free Hack PC
Last Updated30/04/2022
This hack has been outdated, click here for other hacks

Phasmophobia Free Hacks Description –

This hack for Phasmophobia is very much powerful to use, use it freely with its bunch of features included in it. This is one of the coolest Hack for Phasmophobia you will ever find. To ensure safety you should use the hack in a limit to avoid any sort of ban. Enjoy using this hack!

Features of Phasmophobia Hacks Menu:

Phasmophobia ESP hacks

❖ Visuals:

  • Player Esp:
  • Skeleton,
  • Name,
  • Custom Colors

❖ Ghost Esp:

  • 2D corner box,
  • 3DBox,
  • Skeleton,
  • Name,
  • Custom Colors

❖ Item Esp:

  • Name,
  • Custom Colors

❖ Cheat Features :

  • Render Ghost,
  • Become Master Client

Anti-cheat bypass for : file detection, scanning for debuggers + other programs, 250k money limit

How to use Phasmophobia Hack Free

Before you use:

To start using hacks in Phasmophobia, you must check all the steps carefully before proceeding, also install these drivers if you have any sort of errors, which will be needed to run the hack.

Requirements to use :

Instructions to use –

To Proceed with the Phasmophobia hack, you need to have a working injector, which will be used to inject the dll file (hack file) into the game safely.

We recommend using any  Injectors from here which is the latest and undetected.

  1. Run Phasmophobia, wait in the lobby.
  2. Now run the Injector and Select the game in the process tab.
  3. Choose the dll file
  4. Click Inject!
  5. Go Back to the game and Press INSERT for the Hack Menu.

Download link