[Undetected] PUBG Lite PC Free ESP Hack, Aimbot, Magic Bullet Working Latest Update 2021

(Latest) PUBG Lite PC Free ESP Hack, Aimbot, No recoil Working Undetected

Hey Guys, after a very long time there comes a PUBG Lite PC hack 2020 hack which is currently working without any Ban! 

But If you want to use this safely, don’t try the Aimbot because Aimbot is risky. will give you ban.

We will see how the PUBG Lite PC Hack, best made by the Chinese developer. The Only thing is hack is not compatible with every Windows version, I will give you the details of this hack so that you can use it freely.

This hack comes with PUBG Lite hack like – PUBG Lite ESP, PUBG Lite Aimbot, PUBG Lite Speed Hack, PUBG Lite Jump Hack, PUBG Lite No recoil many more

Let’s see how to hack PUBG Lite PC with steps.


This is for educational purposes only. Before you start using the PUBG Lite Hacks. I am not responsible for any harm done to your account. I have made all the things clear Below.

PUBG PC Lite Hack 2020 

versionV1.3.20210 (317)
Last Updated17 March 2021

Requirements for PUBG Lite PC Hack 2020

  • PC with PUBG Lite Installed, Enough RAM.
  • Windows 7, Windows 10

Features of PUBG Lite Hack 2020:

  • PUBG Lite ESP 
  • No recoil 
  • Aimbot (Head + Body)
  • High JUMP
  • Speed Hack ( Flash Speed ) 

Visuals :

ESP Hack (Safe)
Aimbot Hack ( Safe)
JUMP Hack (Safe)
Speed Hack (Safe)
Fly Car (Unsafe)

pubg lite hack

How to use PUBG Lite ESP :

Hack Instructions for PUBG Lite Hack 2020:

1. Download and Extract the Rar File.

2. Run PUBG Lite and change settings from FullScreen Mode to Borderless Mode.

3. Run the Hack File as Administrator and wait in Lobby

4. Press Lobby/ Load on the Hack Panel and wait.

Done! the Hack will start automatically and Menu will Popup, check functions below to on or off the hacks –

Functions :

[F1] = ESP Box
[F2] = ESP Bone
[F3] = ESP Distance/Health
[F4] = Magic Bullet [← → Control Fov]
[F5] = FlyCar  Mode [ Up & Down To Control Speed] [Translate: Q & E to Control Car Height]
[F6] – High jump
[PAGEUP][DOWN] – adjust the jump height
[F7] – Super speed of the player
[F8] – No recoil
[HOME][END] – speed adjustment
[F10] – NoRecoil
[CTRL+1] = AimBot (hold right click to activate)
[CTRL+2] = Show/Hide magic bullet and aimbot fov
[CTRL+3] = ESP Item
[CTRL+4] = ESP Weapongoods
[CTRL+5] = ESP Car
[CTRL+6] = ESP Armor
[CTRL+7] = ESP Medicine
[CTRL+8] = ESP Ammo
[CTRL+9] = ESP Sight
[CTRL+0] = Remove Breath
Delete – English language

Screenshots : 

pubg lite pc aimbot
pubg lite esp hack

Errors and Fixes : 

1. When you use the new updated version of the hack after being featured (unauthorized program detected in the game), please restart the computer before using the new version of LiteJY, otherwise, the old hack data will still be scanned. 

2. “Unauthorized program detected in the game” – To solve this just restart your computer. Then you can use the new version of the Hack.

3. “After Pressing Lobby, Hack Menu doesn’t loads” Make sure you have installed these drivers or give it a try:=

1) Install Latest direct x 11 –


Visual c++ redistributables (all in one) –https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/

2) AIO Runtime Download 


3) Enable Debugging in Windows 10

Blue screen Fix :

– To fix this problem, just run the Game or PUBG Lite Launcher as administrator.

This was all about the PUBG lite Hacks, ESP Hack for PUBG PC Lite Also must check the current status of the hack before downloading, if it’s Undetected or not, Thanks.

Note: Must restart your Computer before using the new version