PUBG Mobile Radar Hack Free (Android, Ios, Emulator) Undetected 2020

Best PUBG Mobile Radar Hack 2020 – All Devices Working 100% Undetected

As you all Play PUBG Mobile and use hacks like ESP, Aimbot, No recoil which are common hacks which people use. But what if you use radar hack in PUBG Mobile? many of you don’t know what is radar hack in PUBG Mobile, and how does it differ from other hacks like ESP hacks. So Follow this post to get PUBG Mobile radar hack free working on Android, ios, and Emulator.

Description : 

PUBG Mobile Radar hacks are the safest hacks like ESP Hacks, Radar Hacks are a unique way to detect enemies during the match but somehow different. Like Radar hack also used to see Major Location Air Dops, Ammo, Weapons, Players as well as Loot on the Building in one Map Area.

Features of Radar Hack PUBG:

  • POV ( Enemy Location, Loot, Health all in one area)
  • Zoom (Zoom on Map for Locations)
  • Enemy Options
  • Loot Options
  • Show Compass

How to use-

1. Download and Install Wincap into your PC

2. Run FindWcapDevice.exe

You will see three devices, Select the correct device. It should show you – Packet1, Packet2,Packet3…. and on. If you didn’t see it, restart the exe and select the correct device.

3. Open, radar.exe Click Start.

4. Now start the Game.

The Radar will work good, after you land somewhere properly. Also sometimes it shows teammates as enemies on the radar.

Note: You must Start Radar before running the game, otherwise it will not work.

How to run External radar in PUBG Mobile :

PUBG Mobile radar Hack Download:

Radar Gameplay :