Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot Download Undetected 2022

Hey all, If you are looking for some best AFK Farm Tool bot for Rainbow six siege, then you are at right place. We have added a working, useful and free to use R6 siege AFK farm bot, which works very well and can by used to level up in your game.

The R6 Siege AFK bot has been developed by SmileyP, which is the renewed version of previous developer who had open source of it. If you are a developer, you can check the source of the bot here: Source.

What is AFK Farm Bot?

AFK farming is a method in Siege or any other FPS game. To avoid being kicked for inactivity, players can install bots or other strategies to move their characters every few seconds. This allows AFK players to finish matches without having to participate much. 

What Does AFK Farm Bot used for?

This bot can play all modes, The Bot has two modes. Also In Human state, he is capable of anything but except killing. The Bot have AFK mode, which shows to be AFK.

All Features of the Bot

  • Random Positions to Click (for Buttons)
  • Movement
  • Use Ability
  • Able to change the Map in T-Hunt
  • Show the Bot actions
  • Choose only Doc
  • Make a Pause between Games 
  • Run the Game without Battleye
  • Can Run in Borderless/Fullscreen Game window Mode

Instructions to use

  1. Download the Tool
  2. Start the game
  3. Join Lobby
  4. Run the bot tool
  5. Enjoy!

Download R6 Siege AFK Farm bot here