RDR2 Solo Lobby Tool FREE – Undetected – 2021

Looking for a lobby tool for Red dead redemption 2 which will help you get sessions? Then you are at the correct post, we have a Red Dead Redemption 2 Tool, which will get you alot of options in solo lobby tool, and this menu will help you with the Wicked Menu.

Developer CodeSwine & plumbwicked
version v2.0
Last updated16 Jan 2021

Solo Lobby Description:

Solo lobby is one of the best lobby tool for Red dead redemption 2,Solo lobby tool help you with doing your missions by no one destroying your stuff as you can switch into solo sessions or friends only sessions, it is really easy to use and really good at its functions, Solo lobby is also virus-free, fully scanned.

Features of Lobby description:

  • Solo Lobby
  • Friends lobby
  • Posse
  • many more

How to use Solo Lobby:

  1. Download the tool
  2. Extract the zip tool into a folder
  3. Right Click on “RDR2 Solo Lobby Tool 2.0.exe”
  4. Run it as an administrator
  5. Select “OK”
  6. Run RDR2 and Enjoy!

How to enter solo lobby:

  1. Start RDR2
  2. Select Online
  3. Join anywhere in Free Roam
  4. Open Solo Lobby Tool as Admin
  5. Click “Activate Rules”
  6. Enjoy a Solo Lobby

How to enter friends online Lobby:

  1. Get into a solo lobby
  2. Add your friends IP to the whitelist
  3. Once you added your friend’s Ip
  4. Invite Friends to the Lobby
  5. Reactivate the Rules once friends join

How to Posse:

  1. Simply Disable the rules with while making a Posse
  2. Re-Enable the Rules once Posse is made

Requirements For solo lobby tool:

  • NET Framework 4.6.1
  • Enabled Windows Firewall
  • Administrator Privileges
  • Make Sure You Have Windows firewall enabled

Notes for the solo lobby:

  • CTRL\F10 To Quickly Disable the Rules
  • Your Friends need the app too for joining your sessions
  • don’t add your own IP Address
  • Your NAT needs to be OPEN (Open Social Club with Home key, click settings, select Network Information, Check NAT)