Splitgate Triggerbot Hack FREE (ColorAimbot) Undetected 2021

Splitgate triggerbot

Looking for some Splitgate hacks for free, here we have posted some cool splitgate cheats free to use and undetected. For those who are looking for other splitgate hacks, visit this page here. This game has very few hacks on the internet and is paid, here we share free cheats only which are developed by the trusted developers.

In this post, we will provide you a working Splitgate Triggerbot, which is coded by Lufzys1337. The triggerbot feature will work great if you are too lazy to move your mouse and control the recoil.

VAC StatusUndetected 
TypeSplitgate Triggerbot hack
Last Updated12/08/2021

Splitgate Triggerbot Description

A Triggerbot is a cheat that automatically shoots the player when a crosshair is placed over an enemy. There are different types of triggerbots over the internet, here we are providing you a Color Aimbot, which is a triggerbot that works on the color base.

All Features

  • Working Triggerbot
  • Steam Proof
  • Regular Updates

How to use Triggerbot in Splitgate

Before using Triggerbot, make sure to run your game in Fullscreen Borderless, otherwise, it may not work.

  1. Download the Cheat file
  2. Start Splitgate in Fullscreen Borderless mode
  3. Run the cheat file
  4. Enjoy
Note : Triggerbot does not works on melee/fists weapons