Latest Valorant Free Triggerbot, Bunny HOP [UNDETECTED] Working Cheat 2021

Latest Valorant Free Triggerbot, Bunny HOP [UNDETECTED] Working Cheat 2021

Valorant Free Triggerbot, BunnyHop – Free Valorant Hack Working +  Undetected 2021

Hello guys! as we all are Playing Valorant for a long, those who don’t know Valorant is a free online Multiplayer game like CSGO but with different gameplay and strategies.

As I had uploaded many Working Valorant cheats before, some of the cheats are uploaded were got outdated. But this Valorant Triggerbot Hack with Triggerbot and BunnyHop is the Latest and working best for now and currently undetected and personally tested by me.

Valorant Free Triggerbot is included with this Free Valorant Hack, fully Undetected and Safe to use.

Warning: This is for educational purposes only. Before you start using the hacks, I am not responsible for any kind of harm done to your PC.

DevMr. Anderson
TypeValorant Free Triggerbot
Last Updated9 Feb 2021

Valoarant Hacks Description :

Best Free Triggerbot available for Valorant, Safe and Undetected. Thanks to the developer for making an awesome build. The Cheat is very easy to use and free from any malware. If you find any difficulties comment down, we will try to respond back asap.

Valorant Hacks Features :

  • Valorant Triggerbot
  • -Auto Mode
  • -Sniper Mode
  • Bunny Hop
  • Aim assist

How to use Valorant Free Cheat :

1- First Download Python latest version & check the box “add to path” while installing.

2-Download the cheat file which consists of a folder

3- Run cmd, type:  cd path to that cheat folder

4- Now Run Valorant, type to cmd this: py

5. Go back to the Valorant, and Make Screen Windows Fullscreen with any resolution that will work for you (mostly 1366×768) and change Enemy outline color to Purple.

Done! If the cheat not working try to install all the modules that showed up in the command prompt by typing: pip install drivername then Enter!


* Important – 

To make aim assist and Triggerbot work find and change this line into FUCKVANGUARD.PY from 


to this


Keys to activate cheats- 

  • CTRL + ALT = Triggerbot
  • CTRL+ 1 = Auto Mode
  • CTRL + 2 = Sniper Mode
  • CTRL + Shift = Bhop
  • CTRL+ 4 = Aim Assist
  • Delete = Exit

You will hear a Beep sound while toggling the hacks, which will get you a clear idea of On/Off.

Download link Valorant Free Hack : 

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