Valorant XP Farm : Rank up fast in Valorant | Undetected 2021

Updated Valorant XP Farm Bot – Level UP fast using XP farmer [Safe] 2021

Hey, If you play Valorant and want to know how to rank fast in Valorant or Level up fast in Valorant. The Valorant XP Farming Bot works best here.

What is Valorant XP Farming?

How to get XP in Valorant – 

Valorant fast XP works automatically, and gain you points and more XP by playing itself. as a result, it gains more and more XP and Helps you to rank up!

The XP Farming Bot is currently working fine and Safe (Undetected), also check the status of the Tool before downloading


Valoarant XP Bot Description :

Valorant XP Bot is very much popular and many users have been using it. This Valorant Bot is developed by MrFums (UnknownCheats), The Bot is still Undetected and use it overnight, it plays by itself and gains XP and even Chat with the players.

Features : 

  • Fully AFK XP farmer
  • Discord RPC support
  • Discord webhook support
  • Optimized and has fail safes for events that may happen during runtime of the game
  • Restarts Valorant if detects an issue with it / detects that it isn’t running
  • Automated restarts to prevent script from ending prematurely
  • Undetected / undetectable
  • Easy navigation

How to use the Bot to Farm?

Requirements –

Run the batch file as Administrator to install the dependencies. Seems to only work on 64bit Windows 10 with Python 3.8

>>Install Python 3.8.0 here

For the program to function properly, please copy and paste your OWN Valorant shortcut for the program to function properly. This makes it so if Valorant encounters any issues when AFK, it can restart the game. You should not need to edit any code.


1- Install Python 3.8.0.

2- Open Install_Packages.bat as admin to install packages using pip. Do this after every update to maintain functionality.

3- Open and read the bot console.

4- Navigate the menu and read the information.

5- Put your Valorant shortcut in the bots directory.

6- Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen if you haven’t already.

7- If you encounter issues please create one or if you have suggestions please create a pull request

8- (Optional) Setup a Discord webhook to get updates to your discord server for when the bot has completed a game.

Must Read :

– Make sure when installing python, you check the box next to “Add Python 3.8 to PATH”

– If you have the crash when you load into the bot script / when you press 1 to begin the bot, you need to uninstall numpy by following code –

 (pip uninstall numpy ) and install an older version of numpy by –

( pip install numpy == 1.19.3)

》Automatic Reply:
Automatically communicate with random Players in Chat

》Anti-AFK: Moves automatically without being AFK

》Auto-Matching: Repeaditly Starts another match after End of the current Match

》Auto Agent Selector: Selects Agents automatically the one Unchosen by others