Xenos Injector v2.3.2 Latest version Supports (x86 and x64 bit) Windows

Xenos Injector x86/x64 bit – Best Free Injector for Windows Undetected 2021

Injectors are very much useful in injecting dll files into the games, into online games such as – CSGO, GTA 5, PUBG, and many other popular games, which loads up dll file into the Injector, pretty much easy into the game.

Xenos Injector can be used with any games, most common. The best free Injector from all works really well. also up to the date. Also available with both x64 and x86 bit systems.

versionv2.3.2 (Latest)
Supportx86 and x64

What is an Injector? is it safe to use

An injector is a tool used in windows, which helps in injecting/loading up the DLL files, which are premade by the developers for specific games, such as – PUBG, CS: GO, GTA, and many others.

It works by injecting the premade dll or codes into the running game, however, it’s completely safe to use these unless the dll is undetected.

Features of Xenos Injector 

Xenos Injector
  • Support both x86 & x64 bit
  • Works in all games (popular ones)
  • Easy to use

How to use Xenos Injector –

Before downloading the injector, close your antivirus 


Add the injector as an exclusion in your antivirus tool

  1. Run Xenos as admin, Choose Existing.
  2. Select the game into the Process tab.
  3. Click Add to add the .dll file you’ve downloaded for the game.
  4. Click Inject!

Done, now go back to your game and check if the Menu shows right up there or check the Keys for that Mod or dll, to make it on front.

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